Tree Trimming in Modesto CA

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Modesto Tree Trimming Experts

There’s a lot of reasons you may decide to hire a tree service company to do tree trimming in Modesto CA. We notice that our customers call us most often for tree pruning because they fear the branches and limbs may become a safety hazard:

Any limbs or branches that are hanging over a house or spaces where parked cars are present need to be removed immediately. Overgrowth and branches that block any visibility to streets and intersections should also be evaluated and trimmed up.

Branches which are dead and rubbing against one another should be a primary focus for removal. Hiring Modesto Tree Services will give you our experienced tree trimming experts whom use pruning techniques which allow your trees to develop strong roots so they can survive the winter months. Not only is tree trimming done out of a necessity for safety, but it also gives your trees an enhanced shape and can encourage any fruit production.

When is the best time to trim our Modesto trees?

The very best time to prune your trees is in the fall and winter time. The reason for this is because of the sap within the tree. During the winter months the tree is not producing sap which is running down the tree, so the sap loss is preserved and in turn makes the tree less stressed. Any bugs and pests are also dormant which reduces the chance for the tree to be infected. 

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